"Discovering Your True Calling: A Journey from
Social Work to HR Consulting"

Finding what you truly love to do and then turning it into a career isn’t always a straight path. I know because I’ve been there. After graduating from the University of Washington with degrees in Sociology and Communications/Public Relations, I eagerly settled into life as a social worker. As much as I enjoyed working with people to navigate their personal and professional challenges, the rigors of the job eventually took their toll.  


I just wasn’t happy. I felt like I was in the trenches all the time, and it was pretty depressing to be honest. I wondered how I could step away and still do what I love, help people.

I found the answer to that question in 2004, when I went back to school and earned a Masters of Science in Human Resources Management from Chapman University in Orange, CA. HR was my calling. I derive great satisfaction from helping companies be successful, it’s really fulfilling on a personal level.


Over the next two decades, I made a name for myself as a HR professional with a knack for keeping employees happy and productive. My first opportunity came as the Human Resources Manager for Trident Seafoods. Later I took a similar position with Toray Composites, then moved onto The Boeing Company, Terex and  finally worked for Archbright. I also got my Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) certification from the HR Certificate Institute.

Even still, I found I wanted more. In 2019, I launched my own company, HRx Professional Consulting. I founded HRx with a single mission: to bring forth a creative, collaborative, and energetic HR consulting agency where I can share my passion, expertise, and knowledge with our partner clients. I approach each of my clients with fresh eyes to develop customized strategies to support your business vision.  


I work with clients to develop, implement, and manage HR programs that are aligned with your businesses core values, vision, and goals. As a strategic HR consultant, I do everything from streamlining the recruitment process and ensuring HR compliance with employment laws to creating policies and procedures, vetting HR technologies and advising on vendor selection and oversight. I believe in servant leadership, where people are at the top and I’m here to help you achieve your goals.


Finding my true calling has also helped me achieve my personal goals. These days, I split my time between Lake Havasu City in Arizona and Seattle, Washington. When I feel the need to get away from it all, I jump on my motorcycle and hit the open road. I also love spending time with my dogs, an Airedale puppy named Raven and my Labrador, Marley. 

I couldn’t be more excited to help companies like yours succeed by supporting your full range of HR needs.